About Us  
The history of Delicias Bakery began in 1982 in Kensington, Maryland, when the founders developed the concept of bringing the flavor of traditional Latin American bread and pastries to the US. Delicias became the first Latino bakery to sell products in American chain stores in the DC metropolitan area. As part of our growing success, we have continued to expand our product selection by adding crossover items such as muffins, turnovers and pound cakes.

Delicias is now one of the leading brands in the Hispanic market. Our products are manufactured on a daily basis using only the finest quality ingredients. The majority of our baked goods are handmade, giving our bread and pastries a real home made flavor.
 Delicias has been constantly expanding its distribution network and today our products can be found at: 7-eleven, Giant, Shoppers, Magruders, Safeway, CVS, Rite Aid, Food Lions, Bottom Dollar and Latino grocery stores along the east coast.